The fee structure is not applicable for complex properties.
If you are no sure if subject in question is complex - please
request a free quote and provide the address and scope of
work desired.

Single Family Home 1004MC    $800.00
Single Family Home 1004MC 1007/216    $900.00
FHA / USDA Inspection Order $50.00
Manufactured Homes 1004c MC   $900.00
FHA / USDA Inspection Order $50.00
 Multi-Unit Duplex  $900.00
 Mulit-Unit Triplex  $950.00
 Multi-Unit Quadplex $1000.00
 FHA / USDA Inspection Order $50.00
***Complex Properties Quote Only

*** If the subject's has the following:
Acrage, Large GLA counts, Shop, Barn, Above & Below Grade Finished Space, Rural Type Location, Proximity to HTVL lines/tower, Land Slides, Rail Road, High Ways, High Value, Views, Water Frontage of any kind; you subject would typically be classified as complex. Please feel free to contact me for a free quote. All quotes are only good for 24 hrs unless otherwise stated/agreed to.

We accept cash at the door, day of inspection, or check. Payments must be made with in 45 days of the submission of the appraisal assignment (consistent with WA State Regulation;RCW 18.130.150) or face additional charges and a lien being placed on the dwelling in which appraisal work has been completed on.

Checks are you made out / mailed to:
Spencer's Appraisal Services, LLP
13023 NE HWY 99
Suite 7 / PMB 123
Vancouver, WA 98686